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About Us

East Rice Company is the one stop solution to all your rice import requirements. Our diverse and coherent milling & processing facilities and our expertise in the rice milling sectors are strongest assets.

East Rice Company is one of the largest and well organized rice export houses in the Pakistan but success does not came overnight, it is the result of decades of hard work and commitment. Rice business has been in the family for four generation it all started with Muhammad Din Narang well before the partition of India and Pakistan, with the passage of time East Rice Company has grown into a colossal group in the rice sector.
At East Rice Company we do not resist change. We are always adopting new innovations to stay ahead of the competition. Our milling facilities are equipped with modern, state of art paddy drying, parboiling and steam rice units. As the result of our years of consistent quality and services today we are immensely trusted by our international and domestic customer, which keeps us motivated to strive for excellence.


As the world is evolving the business trends are changing. Now you have to go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. At East Rice Company We believe that the quality of your services should be as good the quality of product, it provides your customer with the confidence to build long term relationship. All the year round we provide our customer with in the depth market knowledge about pricing, supply / demand scenarios, future price predictions and reports about upcoming crops. We achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that customer are satisfied, and create a trouble free problem solving environment. We offer a complete supply chain management service to our customer. Our on time delivery of shipment and third party quality certifications ensure that all orders are Executed to customer satisfaction.