Basmati Rice

Basmati rice has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. The Himalayan foothills are said to produce the best Basmati. Although all 'Basmati' varieties are fragrant rice of highest quality, commercially, The Super Basmati, a premium variety from Pakistan is the most prized of the Basmati varieties.
The quest to bring the best quality of rice starts from selection and procurement of rice paddy. We have an experienced procurement department. East Rice Company has its procurement centers established all over the province of Punjab especially in the areas which are known for their Basmati's aroma and good cooking quality. We maintain a close contact with farmers all year round and distribute carefully selected pure & healthy seed amongst them as well as providing them with all the basic necessities e.g. pesticides, fertilizer etc. to make sure an uninterruoted supply of healthy crop. Besides this, we grow paddy at our own farm.

Our quality assurance laboratory ensures that the purchased crop is healthy and has the right moisture to supply to customers the highest quality of Basmati Rice. At East Rice Company we produce Brown, White, Steam and Parboiled rice directly from rice paddy rather than buying semi-milled white rice and then re-milling/re-processing it, this ensures to obtain a high quality product.