About Infrastructure

East Rice company is one of the First companies who took the initiative of modernizing their rice milling infrastructure and we keep adopting new innovations every year.

our modern drying facilities insure higher yield and time saving, all our husking units are designed to produce good quality of brown rice and semi white rice. we have imported parboiling units and customized them according to our local basmati grains to get better yield and cooking. we also have a high capacity steam rice unit.

East Rice company has complete rice milling facilities from brown, white, parboiled to steam rice, and paddy handling infrastructure is one of the largest in Pakistan. most of the machines e.g polisher, graders, color sorters installed in all of our processing and milling units are from SatakeJapan, AG Buhler. Special efforts are made by our team to keep all the milling units clean and hygienic and well maintained, we stay ahead of the competition by investing in R&D, infrastructure and adding new technologies. We are a ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and GMP certified Company.